Submissions are now   OPEN

If you have submitted in the past and didn’t receive a response,
we encourage you to resubmit your poetry.
Due to logistical problems, all submissions awaiting a response have been lost.
All submitters – both new and anyone resubmitting --
should follow the guidelines presented below.

The site founder – Paul Hellweg – is serving as interim editor.
We are still looking for a permanent editor.
If you or anyone you know might be interested,
please email Paul Hellweg (
There is no monetary compensation,
so anyone interested would have to believe
in the importance of giving Vietnam poets
an opportunity to have their work published.

1 - All poems must be directly related to the Vietnam War,
      its aftermath and/or its repercussions.

2 - Previously published poems are welcome
      as long as the original publisher is acknowledged.
      Poems published on this site remain copyrighted
in the poet's name.
      Which is to say, poets will retain all rights to their work
are accordingly free to publish elsewhere.
      However, we would require an acknowledgement for being the original publisher.

3 - Submit 1 - 5 poems at a time.
      Please do not submit again until a response is received for the original submission.

4 - Simultaneous submissions are welcome
      as long as we are immediately notified if accepted elsewhere.

5 - Submissions accepted by e-mail only.
      Please submit only in Times New Roman font, 12 point.
      Subject line should include
the words "VWP Submission by   [ author's name ]".
      Copy-paste poems directly into the body of your e-mail;
      please do not send attachments.
      Please include previous publications
& years of poem(s)
      you are now submitting to us.
      Submit to  by clicking   SUBMIT  below.

6 - Please include a brief biography.   (150 words or less)

      If you served
in the military or are family of an active duty or a veteran,
      please include which branch, which war, etc.
      If you are not affiliated with the military,
      what drove you to write about the Vietnam War?
      Please also include your website address, if available.

7 - Once a poem has been accepted,
      changes CANNOT be made even if not yet posted.
      All accepted poems are immediately forwarded to the webmaster.
      Once the process has started,
      the making of changes becomes unduly time-consuming.
      Therefore, PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT
      UNTIL the work is polished and finished to your satisfaction.

8 - Any submission that does not follow these guidelines
      is at risk of being deleted unread.


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