Career Resources for Veterans:
Guidance & support for rejoining the workforce.

CRWROPPS:   The Creative Writers Opportunities List
Free daily e-mails about publications open to submissions.
To subscribe to the list, send a blank e-mail to:

An award-winning writerís resource that lists thousands of fiction,
& nonfiction markets.
Costs $5 USD/month after a free trial membership.

New Pages:
News, information
& guides to literary magazines, independent publishers,
creative writing programs, writing contests & more.
Great resource for poets.

Proud to Be:
An annual anthology of writing by American warriors.
Submissions accepted in five categories:
Short Fiction, Poetry, Interviews, Essay, Photography.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War:
A national veterans' organization that campaigns for peace
& the rights of all United States military veterans.
is open to all people (including non-veterans)
who support their goals.

Veterans for Peace:
An international organization dedicated
to building a culture of peace,
exposing the true costs of war & healing the wounds of war.
Membership is open to all veterans.
Non-veterans are welcome to join as associate members.

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